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Sharon Zollner, Chief Economist of ANZ Bank: Market and analysts agreed that the New Zealand Federal Reserve would cut interest rates today, but no one expected the rate cut to be as high as 50 basis points. In addition, the New Zealand Federal Reserve cut its future official cash rate (OCR) more than expected, which means that the New Zealand Federal Reserve will move into the future. One-step interest rate reduction and an open attitude.
Bank of America Merrill Lynch: "Quantitative Failure" will give gold a chance to rise to $2,000. Bank of America Merrill Lynch said there is room for gold to rise. Next year, it will touch $1,500 an ounce, or even have the potential to rise to $2,000. One of the major supporting factors for gold prices in the future will be the failure of quantitative easing by the central bank. Several successive rounds of monetary easing have had a series of side effects. In addition to falling interest rates, there are currently about $14 trillion of bonds with negative yields (including German 30-year bonds). This has been a key factor in driving the recent rise in gold prices. With more easing policies in place, the rise in gold prices is likely to sustain the buying of gold.
Singapore iron ore futures fell to $90 a tonne.
【Quote】 Overnight offshore RMB Hibor fell to 1.72345%, a new low since March 14.
【Quote】 Overnight offshore RMB Hibor fell 75 basis points, the biggest decline since February 28.
New Zealand Federal Reserve Chairman Orr: Perhaps the biggest challenge we face is how low nominal global interest rates can be.
New Zealand Federal Reserve Chairman Orr: Today's rate cut reduces the risk of having to take negative interest rates.
New Zealand Federal Reserve Chairman Orr: Non-traditional policies are being promoted.
New Zealand Federal Reserve Chairman Orr: Global interest rates have been falling, and we are part of that cyclical behavior.
New Zealand Federal Reserve Chairman Orr: A 50-point cut in interest rates is a strategic decision.
New Zealand Federal Reserve Chairman Orr: Interest rate cuts help lower investment thresholds.
New Zealand Federal Reserve Chairman Orr: I'm afraid that because of capacity constraints, financial expenditure will not be in place immediately.
Citigroup: Down the earnings per share forecast for S&P 500 components this year, from $170 to $166.2, and down the earnings per share forecast for next year by $4.25. Maintaining the S& P 500's forecast at 2850 at the end of the year, earnings growth in U.S. companies will slow down, but low inflation makes stocks attractive.
The NZD / USD short-term fell 20 points to 0.6417.
New Zealand Federal Reserve Chairman Orr: The future does not rule out any possibility.
Market news: The UK Financial Conduct Regulatory Authority (FCA) will delay the implementation of EU online payment rules.
Western Pacific Bank: The New Zealand Federal Reserve is now expected to cut interest rates by 25 basis points to 0.75% in November.
Trader: The fall in New Zealand dragged the Australian dollar down to a 10-year low and the fund sold off.
ASB Bank of New Zealand: The Federal Reserve of New Zealand is expected to cut its official cash rate (OCR) to 0.75% in November.
【Quote】 NZD / USD fell 1.5% to 0.6427.

Preliminary data from the Korea Customs Office show that Japanese beer imports dropped 45% in July compared with June due to the "boycott" boom of Korean consumers caused by Japanese export restrictions. South Korea imported $4.3 million worth of beer from Japan in July, down 45% from $7.9 million in June and well below $6.6 million in the same period last year.
Sichuan: to build up 3-5 industrial Internet platforms, the Sichuan provincial government recently issued the "Implementation Opinions on deepening the development of the Internet + advanced manufacturing industry" in the industrial Internet. It was proposed that by 2025, the industrial Internet network infrastructure covering all cities (States) and various industries had basically been built, and 3-5 domestic shadows had been formed. Sound Industrial Internet Platform. The Opinion will clearly support leading enterprises to build a number of industrial Internet platforms for vertical and sub-sectors around five pillar industries of electronic information, equipment manufacturing, food and beverage, advanced materials and energy and chemical industry, and strive for national cross-industry and cross-domain platforms. (Sichuan Daily)
【Sichuan released the 5G+4K8K Ultra-High Definition Technology White Paper】. At the 5G+4K8K Ultra-High Definition Video Industry Conference held in Sichuan on June 6, the 5G+4K8K Ultra-High Definition Technology White Paper was issued, which launched the first Ultra-High Definition Video Cloud Platform in China and the first International Ultra-High Definition Video Works Grand Prix, and was jointly sponsored by several units. Sichuan 5G+4K8K Ultra-High Definition Industry Research Institute marks a new step forward in Sichuan 5G+4K8K Ultra-High Definition Video Industry. At this meeting, the first UHD video cloud platform in China, Yunjin Tianfu - UHD video cloud platform, was officially launched by Chengdu Branch of China Telecom, Huawei and Sichuan Media Institute.
【Bank of America Merrill Lynch: The Federal Reserve cut interest rates by 50 basis points in September】 The latest study by investment bank Bank of America Merrill Lynch points out that the possibility of a 50 basis point cut at the September meeting of the Federal Reserve (FED) is increasing due to increased downward pressure. The bank's basic forecast is that the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates by another 25 basis points at its September and October meetings, but it may also need to be more aggressive, so the risk of cutting interest rates by 50 basis points in September is rising to achieve its goal of sustaining economic recovery.
From the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Transport and other three departments recently jointly issued a joint issue on Jinyi.  
澳新银行(anz bank)首席经济学家莎伦•佐尔纳(sharon zollner):市场和分析师一致认为,新西兰联邦储备委员会(Federal Reserve)今天将降息,但没有人预计降息幅度会高达50个基点。此外,新西兰联邦储备委员会(New Zealand Federal Reserve)对未来官方现金利率(OCR)的降幅超过预期,这意味着新西兰联邦储备委员会(New Zealand Federal Reserve)将进入未来。一步降息,态度开放。< BR> 美国银行美林(Bank of America Merrill Lynch):“量化失败”将使黄金有机会升至2000美元。美国银行美林(BankofAmericaMerrillLynch)表示,黄金还有上涨的空间。明年,金价将达到每盎司1500美元,甚至有可能升至2000美元。未来金价的主要支撑因素之一将是央行量化宽松政策的失败。连续几轮货币宽松政策产生了一系列副作用。除了利率下降,目前还有约14万亿美元的负收益债券(包括德国30年期债券)。这是推动近期金价上涨的一个关键因素。随着更多宽松政策的出台,黄金价格的上涨可能会维持对黄金的购买。< BR> 新加坡铁矿石期货跌至每吨90美元。< BR> 【报价】隔夜离岸人民币Hibor跌至1.72345%,创3月14日以来新低。< BR> 【报价】隔夜离岸人民币Hibor下跌75个基点,为2月28日以来最大跌幅。< BR> 新西兰联邦储备委员会(FederalReserve)主席奥尔:也许我们面临的最大挑战是名义上的全球利率能有多低。< BR> 新西兰联邦储备委员会主席奥尔:今天的降息降低了不得不采取负利率的风险。< BR> 新西兰联邦储备委员会主席奥尔:非传统政策正在推广。< BR> 新西兰联邦储备委员会主席奥尔:全球利率一直在下降,我们是这种周期性行为的一部分。< BR> 新西兰联邦储备委员会主席奥尔:降息50点是一个战略决策。< BR> 新西兰联邦储备委员会主席奥尔:降息有助于降低投资门槛。< BR> 新西兰联邦储备委员会主席奥尔:恐怕由于能力限制,财政支出不会立即到位。< BR> 花旗集团(Citigroup):今年标准普尔500指数成份股的每股收益预期从170美元下调至166.2美元,明年每股收益预期下调4.25美元。将标准普尔500指数的预测维持在年底的2850点,美国公司的盈利增长将放缓,但低通胀使股票具有吸引力。< BR> 新西兰元/美元短期下跌20点,至0.6417。< BR> 新西兰联邦储备委员会主席奥尔:未来不排除任何可能性。< BR> 市场新闻:英国金融行为监管局(FCA)将推迟欧盟在线支付规则的实施。< BR> 西太平洋银行(Western Pacific Bank):新西兰联邦储备委员会(New Zealand Federal Reserve)预计11月将降息25个基点,至0.75%。< BR> 交易员:新西兰的下跌将澳元拉低至10年来的最低点,基金被抛售。< BR> 新西兰ASB银行:新西兰联邦储备委员会(FederalReserve of New Zealand)预计将在11月将官方现金利率(OCR)下调至0.75%。< BR> 【报价】新西兰元/美元下跌1.5%,至0.6427。< BR>

韩国海关的初步数据显示,由于日本出口限制导致韩国消费者的“抵制”热潮,7月份日本啤酒进口较6月份下降了45%。韩国7月份从日本进口了价值430万美元的啤酒,较6月份的790万美元下降了45%,远低于去年同期的660万美元。< BR> 四川:为搭建3-5个工业互联网平台,四川省政府近日在工业互联网上发布了《关于深化互联网+先进制造业发展的实施意见》。建议到2025年,基本建成覆盖所有城市(州)和各行业的工业互联网基础设施,形成3-5个国内阴影。完善的工业互联网平台。意见将明确支持龙头企业围绕电子信息、装备制造、食品饮料、先进材料能源化工五大支柱产业,打造一批垂直和次行业的产业互联网平台,努力实现或国家跨行业、跨领域平台。(四川日报)
【行情】新加坡鐵礦石期货跌至90美元/噸。 花旗:下调對標普500指數成分股的今年每股盈利预测,由170美元降至166.2美元,同時下调明年每股盈利预测4.25美元。维持標普500指數年底處于2850點的预测,美企盈利增長將放慢,但通胀低迷使股票具吸引力。 【行情】隔夜離岸人民幣Hibor降至1.72345%,创3月14日以來的新低。 新西蘭聯储主蓆奥爾:全球利率一直在下降,而我们正是這種週期性行爲的一部分。 新西蘭ASB银行:预计新西蘭聯储將于11月下调官方现金利率(OCR)至0.75%。 【行情】隔夜離岸人民幣Hibor下降75個基點,爲2月28日以來的最大降幅。 新西蘭聯储主蓆奥爾:或许我们麵臨的最大挑戰是全球名義利率可以有多低。 西太平洋银行:目前预计新西蘭聯储將于11月降息25個基點至0.75%。 【行情】纽元兑美元NZD/USD跌幅擴大至1.5%,现報0.6427。 【行情】纽元兑美元NZD/USD短线下挫20點,现報0.6417。 交易员:新西蘭大跌拖纍澳元跌至10年低點,基金抛售。 新西蘭聯储主蓆奥爾:正在推進非传统的政策。 新西蘭聯储主蓆奥爾:未來不排除任何可能性。 澳新银行首蓆经濟學傢Sharon Zollner:市场和分析師一緻预期新西蘭聯储今日會降息,但没有人料到降息幅度會高達50基點,此外,新西蘭聯储下调未來官方现金利率(OCR)预期的幅度也超齣瞭预期,這意味着新西蘭聯储對未來進一步降息保持開放態度。 新西蘭聯储主蓆奥爾:今日的降息减少瞭必鬚采取负利率的風险。 新西蘭聯储主蓆奥爾:降息50個基點是戰略性决定。 美银美林:“量化失败”將令金價有機會陞嚮2000美元美银美林錶示,金價還有上涨空间,明年將觸及1500美元/盎司,甚至有陞至2000美元的潜力。未來金價的一大支持因素將是央行“量化宽鬆的失败”。连续幾轮的货幣宽鬆政策產生瞭一係列副作用。除瞭利率下降,目前约有14萬億美元债券的收益率爲负(包括德國30年期國债)。這一直是推動金價近期涨勢的一個關键因素,隨着更多宽鬆政策的齣臺,金價涨勢可能會维持對黄金的買盤。 市场消息:英國金融行爲監管局(FCA)將延遲執行歐盟在线支付规则。 新西蘭聯储主蓆奥爾:降息有助于降低投资門槛。 新西蘭聯储主蓆奥爾:擔心由于產能限製,财政支齣無法馬上到位。